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Karen T. Smith is a writer of science fiction for young adults and middle-grade readers and a voracious reader of speculative fiction for all ages. Her favorite color is cerulean and her favorite number is 42, and if you don’t get why you might not be reading enough science fiction yourself. She has two kids, two cats, two dogs, and many other things that come in pairs like two gloves, two arms, two hands to put in said gloves, etc. Her passion is writing about smart girls who are good with technology, and talking to young people about what careers in technology actually look like. She makes her physical home in the midwest suburbs and her digital home at karentsmith.com.

Annie Park is a constant reader and in the middle of getting her MLIS at the UW-Milwaulkee School of Information Studies.  She writes poetry and short short prose.  With a background in linguistics she is interested in working with sounds and playing with text, puns, interlingual wordplay, etc.  Some of her favorite authors/books include Nabokov, Dostoevsky, Kurt Vonnegut, Oscar Wilde, Chuck Palahnuik, Anne Lamott.  When not doing something church or school related, she likes playing rat hockey, homebrewing, bar trivia, spending up loose change (especially pennies), swiping up dryer lint, eating up all kinds of good food, and long walks most anywhere.

Susan NC Price has composed poetry all her life, more or less, and has been reading voraciously ever since learning how in first grade. Writing the kinds of speculative fiction she enjoys has started much more recently, and her impulse to create gets distracted from writing by requests for editing from friends; for art, design, and choir duties from her church; for business management from her lawyer husband; for attention from her pets and gardens; and from life in general.

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