Monday, December 5, 2016

#PitMad by the numbers

Another #PitMad has come and gone, and like many of you, I watched the pitches stream by wondering if ours would get picked. A goose egg for me still, but that is quite alright. Was having some geek fun along the way.

Using Zapier I setup a small service that saves tweets with the #PitMad hashtag into a free database at As I was set up with a free service I was not afforded all the tweets, but over the course of 24 hours I was able to capture 4k pitches. Using this as my sample data, here some some counts by hashtag.

Hashtag Description Count
#PBPicture Book230
#MGMiddle Grade175
#YAYoung Adult616
#NANew Adult88

I did not remove duplicates, such as tweets there were RT'd.

What really throws me is the difference between young adult and mystery. Is this really where the market is at, or does everyone just see themselves as the big kids writer, while ignoring one of the hotter markets all together?

Eric can be found on Twitter at @elmwriting and at the TypeHammer podcast

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