Monday, November 26, 2012

A Gift for You

My holiday gift to you really is a Christmas present this year. For five days beginning tomorrow, November 27th, 2012, you may download a free copy of the Kindle version of Fulfillment, my novel of the first Christmas.

Fulfillment will change the way you think about the first Christmas. One of my Amazon reviewers called it “… the most unique version of the Christian Nativity story ever written.” So far, it’s received one five-star and two four-star reviews. (For my Christmas present, I’m hoping Santa… and you… enjoy Fulfillment enough to give it a five-star review on Amazon.)

I wrote Fulfillment by first asking: What was Satan up to while God was going about the business of sending his son to save the world?

In my story, Satan sets out to stop the birth of Christ. Since Jesus is too powerful to take on directly, Satan decides to kill the mother before Jesus is born. Of course you know how the story ends. Jesus was born in Bethlehem. The suspense, horror and awe in my novel occur on the journey. If the idea of Satan hungering for your soul doesn’t keep you awake at night, read Fulfillment. It will.

Free Fulfillment - for 5 days only beginning tomorrow
Click here to download a free copy of my Christmas novel, Fulfillment, for your Kindle starting tomorrow, November 27th and running through Saturday, December 1st. You may purchase the paperback version on the same Amazon page. The paperback "buy" link is below the book cover image. And you may click on the book cover to read a section of the novel for free before you download your copy. That's always a good idea to see if you like the novel before downloading it.

And if you can't wait that long, it's only a couple of bucks on my Amazon Author Page. See all of my Amazon books by clicking here.

Need a Kindle? Download the free version of the Kindle reader for your computer, tablet or smart phone from Amazon by clicking here.

Here’s another novel idea…
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Life is Like a Zombie Movie

Recently, I came to the conclusion that life is very much like a zombie movie.  Life is out to get you.
You're alive and you keep moving to keep it that way.  Everyone else is in the same situation as you and you're all working together.  There's always someone that will risk everything they have to keep the group alive and there's always someone who is only with the group for their own advantage.  So, everyone you're with can be trusted, to an extent.  We have to weed through those who we can rely on and those who we need to stay weary of.  All the while, life is chasing after you in order to feed off you.
Sure, zombies usually are slow moving and you can run away from them (except of course the crazy mutant variety).  They, like life, are always waiting for you around the corner.  Sure, you can bunker down and try to keep your situation safe but eventually you'll have to make some kind of gamble or eventually your defenses will get broken down. That's always when it's the most dangerous too.  When you think you're safe and you get complacent, that's when the defenses get smashed and you're on the run again.
The worst part of it all is that the whole time you know in the back of your head: Life (like zombies) will eventually kill you.
This isn't all that bad, actually. For starters, everyone dies eventually, obviously.  But also, like Duke Leto Atreides told his son Paul in Frank Herbert's Dune, 'The first step in avoiding a trap, is knowing of it.'  In this context, once the realization, that life is a tough and messed up thing, is achieved it becomes more manageable or at least slightly more navigable.  Everyone is in the same position of keeping their life going.  We're all exhausted and tired but we still fight on.  Because once we see that the world isn't what it used to be before the zombie apocalypse (or in real life once people have to start being more independent and support themselves or someone else) we get a better sense of what we're dealing with and how to move forward.  Just like in a zombie movie, you can't give up and you have to keep going.  So, be like the survivors.  Just because it looks (and for them it literally is) like the end of the world, it doesn't mean there isn't hope.