Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Normally (normally) I run all content to be posted online past my editor at ADMedits. No matter how well I think I have written, there are always screw ups. Take this blog for example. Wait, don't. This is one of the places I do not put in that workflow. It's not that I don't think it needs it, but rather this is more an informal communication between me and you. Speaking extemporaneously my speech would be filled with um's and ah's, but you would forgive me (hopefully) as what I would be conveying would be, well, honest.

So this workflow is just me; typing, erasing, pondering, saving, coming back to, cursing, debating...and publishing. And hopefully, you enjoy it.

And the beauty of this blog is that after publishing if I find a mistake, editing is easy.

Let me tell you another story. This one is full of woe and sorrow. And bad grammar.

For the TypeHammer podcast, I decided to review Revue, a newsletter app.  I created an account and pushed out several newsletters over the course of one a week.

OK, it was only to be an experiment, a trial for the app. A couple of issues out to people I know and I'm done.

And nope.

I now have complete strangers signing up for my newsletter, and the readers seem to enjoy it.

Enough of the rambling old man! Get to the woe!

I do not run the newsletter content past my editor before publishing. I did not think it was important, as so few people read it. It was to be a trial, after all. A test, a review, something I can toss aside when done.

It turns out, when I publish a newsletter, there is no editing afterwards. Yes, that makes total sense, but that doesn't mean I thought of that. In short: I'm an idiot.

Now to be fair the grammar isn't "that" bad. Just bad enough for me to cringe, and apologize on the Twitter to my readers. A fellow writer Antonin was kind enough to tweet back

Moving Forward

I have a plan in place:

  • On my Chrome browser, I have added the Grammarly and ProWritingAid plugins. 
  • I plan on telling my wife (ADMEdits) about the newsletter and bring her into the workflow
  • You need to sign up for the newsletter 
These are all simple tasks. Let's see if I can follow through.