Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Twitter Tools for Writers :: updated

Below I have listed some Twitter tools I have used in the past. Because these tools are all pulling from the same data source, the Twitter API, many of their features are the same. Where differences come into play is how the information is presented and inferred.

Better Understand Your Profile
Tapping into the Twitter API, this tool provides metrics on your account. In my case I can see that my percentage of mentions is low, and I need to engage more. Sign up as version 2 is coming out later this year which will track new followers and pre-run reports for you.

Brand Sentiments
Would you like to see how different brands are perceived online?

Tweet Psychology
TweetPsych attempts to create a profile of any public Twitter account. Here is a part of mine:

15 day free trial lets up run multiple reports against your Twitter account to find various nuggets of good stuff. This is a large application and there is a lot here:

Best time to Tweet graph:
Engagement Analytics:

The one I found most useful for me is @twibitz.com due to it's simple and straightforward UI. That doesn't mean I don't use the others. The trick with all of this is to find the tools that work with you best, and use them.

What Twitter tools do you use?

In pushing this post out to the medias, Liz Covart introduced me to Buffer and I found it very cool. It is a multi-account scheduling and analytics social media tool. I have brought in my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts this morning and started playing with the app. Thank you Liz!

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