Friday, February 28, 2014

A Poem Close to My Heart - A Little Too Close

This poem does a lovely job of showing not only my mind-state this week, but also why it took until Thursday to post last Friday's update.

I give praise in tribute
To something quite keen
A wondrous treasure
That we call caffeine

Caffeine is awesome
Caffeine is great
Without caffeine
I would be quite irate

Without it, I won't work
I won't even try
I'd get it from an IV
Except I would die

Caffeine is so wonderful
And also superb
I need caffeine
Or I get perturbed

Caffeine's superior
Caffeine’s the best
I drink caffeine
Because I don't get enough rest

Caffeine's amazing
Caffeine is sublime
I need caffeine
To make this shit rhyme

Coffee, soda, or red bull
They're all on the top
But I'm out of caffeine
So now I will stop

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